Covid Precautions

Covid precautions at our meetings

Here is what we plan to do to keep the risk low:

1. Masks: Please wear a mask when you arrive and sign in. When you take your seat you may wear a mask or not, as you choose.
2. Hand sanitiser will be available at the welcome desk, and we encourage you to use it.
3. Social distancing: please respect people’s personal space.
4. Tea and coffee: Tea and coffee will be provided free of charge PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MUG as we won’t be supplying cups or mugs.
5. Raffle: with regret, we have decided to suspend the raffle for the time being.
6. Ventilation: we will only open doors and windows for normal ventilation and access reasons. We think it would be unreasonable to hold winter meetings with the windows wide open.