Summer Social and Plant Sale

Our Membership Secretary Cally & John Jenkins have very kindly stepped up in place of the
cancellation of a booking we had for our Summer Social and invited us to their garden in
Mortimer. They have a mature cottage garden in excess of an acre which reveals itself in stages.
At the bottom a view through to Simms Farm and the Hampshire countryside. Surrounding the
house, a curved patio and Pergola (covered in vines), leads to a large central lawn with
surrounding island beds, gravel garden, small oriental garden and an extensive formal kitchen
garden. A variety of fruit trees, two greenhouses and a potting shed. There are both shady, cool
areas as well as open ones to the sunshine. So plenty to explore!
Parking instructions will follow if you book your place.

Wednesday 10th August 2022 2.00pm-4.30 (Ref SL)
Members £8.00 Non-members £11.00