Anyone interested in gardening and gardens is welcome to become a member of Reading Gardeners.


Membership entitles you to: –

  1. free attendance at any of the dozen or so indoor Winter meetings, except for the occasional special meeting, for which a ticket has to be purchased;
  2. book any of the Association outings;
  3. participate in two plant sales per annum;
  4. receive a Winter programme card and details of Summer outings;
  5. receive three newsletters per year, giving information about Association events and members;
  6. borrow gardening magazines.

Above all, members have the chance to meet fellow enthusiastic gardeners to exchange views and experiences.

The annual subscription for 2024 is £20 for a single member and £35 for a couple living at the same address. Payment of subscriptions is due from the 1st January 2023. If some one joins midway through the year, they pay only half the above fees.
The visitor fee is £5.

If you wish to apply for membership or find out more information about membership, please contact our Honorary Subscription Secretary, Mrs Sally Woolhouse,  The Old Farmhouse, Hardwick Road, Whitchurch RG8 7HN. telephone  079576037927. Email:

You may prefer as a first step to attend one of our Winter meetings to see if Reading Gardeners is likely to appeal to you. Guests are welcome at a charge of £5 at each meeting. If a guest has paid and then becomes a member at the same meeting, that evening’s payment is deductible.